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In many parts of the world, school systems have chosen to make learning a second language, and in some countries, even a third language a requirement.


Learning another language is about recognising one of the realities of life – that is - 94% of the world’s population currently speak a language other than English. In Australia more than 200 different languages are spoken. Through learning languages students can understand and value their own culture and the cultures of other people, so that they can view the world from a wider perspective and appreciate and respect the different ways of thinking and being.  There are so many benefits for learning a language.

It is often forgotten that learning a second language develops literacy skills. There is considerable evidence to suggest that learning another language can enhance literacy in a student’s first language. By comparing features of their first language with those of another language, learners are better able to understand the structure and workings of English.

We would like to recognise and applaud our in-schools teachers who are working across 24 different schools and teaching more than 6000 students each week.  

Empowering our community to be lifelong learners

In-school student numbers learning a language


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Number of schools taught by a DLC Language Teacher


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Number of Teachers DLC employs to teach languages in schools



DLC In-School Languages

  • Auslan

  • Indonesian

  • Japanese

  • Mandarin

Our partner schools across Darwin, Palmerston & Rural areas


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