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Mini Mandarin learns about The Giant Turnip


In our Saturday morning Mini Mandarin class, the kids had a blast learning Chinese through games, songs, stories, acting, and artsy fun with teacher Mrs Guppy. In this lesson, the children zoomed in on the character 手 (shǒu), discovering all the cool things hands can do.


They even ventured into the whimsical world of "The Giant Turnip" (拔萝卜), where they learnt about how hands play a big role in the story.


Then came the best part - they acted it out with heaps of energy! And to wrap it all up, the children got creative with art, blending in bits of 手 from the story.


Here are glimpses from the lesson, including the storybook cover and the students proudly displaying their artwork.

Giant Turnip Pic 2_edited.png

We are Learning
Term 2

Term 2 learning statements will be emailed home shortly. We encourage parents and family members to talk with students about what they have been learning. There are also ‘Tips for families’ about using Language at home available from our front office and on our website - Resources page.


Please use the ‘We Are Learning’ statement to understand the intended learning for the term and what your child is aiming to achieve by the end of this period (Success Criteria).

Students can also use the Success Criteria ‘I can’ statements to focus their learning and reflect on their progress.

The ‘We are Learning’ statement can be found:

  1. Via email 

  2. Inside your child’s classroom at Darwin Languages Centre

  3. Each student has a copy of their classes’ learning statement


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